Management Advising Services

Feasibility of projects
PPAP preparation: process flow diagrams, failure analyses and control plans
PPAP edition: feasibility
Evaluation of process equipment
Ergonomic assessment of settlement plan
Evaluation of technical equipment: assessment of repeatability and efficiency
Cost calculations
Waste water treatment consulting


Plating Processes Advising

Zn/Ni alloy electroplating
Sn/Zn alloy electroplating
Low, Medium, High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel; Composite E-Ni (E-Ni/PTFE)
Ag electroplating
Hard Gold electroplating; Immersion Gold
Acid Copper electroplating; Electroless Copper
Bright, Semibright, Microporous Nickel electroplating
POP: Plating on Plastics
Ni/Pd alloy electroplating
Sn electroplating & Immersion Tin
Sn/Pb alloy electroplating
Acid & Alkaline Zn electroplating